Indirect Taxes

The growing weight of indirect taxation is heightening the operational and compliance challenges faced by already stretched tax teams.
The key to building an indirect taxation strategy is good relationship and understanding the whole organization.

How IY Can Help You - Indirect Taxes

When it comes to indirect tax compliance, we can help you get your operations up to speed and reduce uncertainty.

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Direct Taxes

Managing your tax in this dynamic world by taking you from complexity to execution through close coordination, technical expertise and strategic advice.

Corporate Tax

We deliver a holistic and coordinated approach to complex tax issues as a result helping business achieve their goals

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Tax Valuation Services

Tax valuation can be a cumbersome and complex task, especially when there is high chance of disputes arising with the relevant authorities.

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Personal Tax

Complex and dynamic taxation world makes it hard for the individuals to keep track of the changes, we make sure to provide you with best personal taxation advice in light of latest laws and regulation.

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Tax Accounting, Provision & Advisory Services

Our Tax Accounting & Provision services offers a combination of process and tax accounting technical capabilities to drive the delivery of valuable insights to help mitigate risk and identify potential opportunities.

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Tax Planning and Compliance

We can help you to transform how your tax function delivers. To optimize your performance, we’ll help you enhance organizational design by helping you to pursue a streamlined, transparent and efficient tax functions that enhances the core responsibilities of compliance, reporting and planning, while also positioning tax as a strategic business advisor.

How IY Can Help - Tax Planning and Compliance

How IY can Help
Our Holistic Methodology - Tax Planning and Compliance

Our Methodology

Tax Audit and Appellate works

The ever changing legal and statutory requirements has resulted in a substantial increase in the number and size of tax audits, assessments, and disputes with revenue authorities. This new situation has placed large companies under constant competitive pressure to structure their business operations effectively and efficiently.

How IY can Help


We can help you to implement consistent and defensible practices and policies to safeguard you against audits and disputes

Dispute Resolution

We can work with you to implement practices that can reduce or eliminate prolonged disputes or the likelihood of costly litigation.

Risk Management

We can analyze your various tax positions that may require financial statement disclosures, and help you develop sound policies and practices, including appropriate documentation and disclosure approaches.